Our Approach

one size never really fits all

Each organization is unique in its culture, approach and the challenges it faces. Through years of experience, we have developed principles and best practices that guide our work. We partner with clients to customize an approach that will meet their specific goals. Whether we are conducting a training session, facilitating a strategy workshop or leading a campaign, our clients benefit from an approach that was developed with their specific requirements in mind. We are a deliberately small operation, because we want to assure that each client receives our dedicated personal attention.


Systemic Approach

Our aim is not just to produce short-term results, but to help organizations be stronger, more thoughtful, and better prepared in the long-term to take on the challenges they face.


Collaborative Process

Achieving consensus and buy-in by stakeholders is critical to success. By engaging the appropriate individuals in the decision-making processes, BuildingBlox enables organizations to accomplish their objectives.


Teachers and Learners

We view ourselves as both teachers and learners. While we keep abreast of the best practices, we also listen carefully to our clients to learn about their organization. We bring the best practices from the field to each organization we work with.