Customized Training and Facilitation


Interactive group sessions that teach the ins and outs of fundraising

Ambassador Training

From No Way to Know-How: The Art and Science of Major Gift Fundraising


We hear it all the time:


“I don’t know how to talk to donors.”

“What if they say no?”

“I’m afraid to make the ask.”


But if you don’t ask, your organization won’t be able to do its lifechanging work.


The good news is – it’s easier than you think. You can learn to draw on the skills you already have to become an effective advocate for your organization.


In the BuildingBlox Ambassador Training, we’ll teach you how to craft a story that opens hearts and inspires generous giving.


In a relaxed, supportive environment, you’ll roleplay talking with a donor and get professional feedback from experts who have raised a ton of money.


After our training when you meet with donors, you’ll be confident, they’ll be comfortable, and your organization will have the funds it needs to do its best work.


Ambassador Training Add-on

The Next Frontier in Fundraising: How to Raise Big Gifts over Zoom


Even when all hell breaks loose, you still have to raise money to support your vital work.


Today, all nonprofit fundraisers are wrestling with the same question: “How do I meet with donors in the age of COVID?”


The BuildingBlox Ambassador Training teaches you how to make the most of videoconferencing and hone your expertise as an effective fundraiser.


We’ll walk you through the step-by-step breakdown of an online meeting with a donor.


With this timely Ambassador Training during the pandemic, you’ll perfect the skills you need to inspire others to join your cause.


Identifying Probable Donors

Finding, Getting and Keeping the Magnanimous Donors Who Will Help You Change the World


We know how hard it can be to meet the generous, big donors who will sustain your organization for years to come.


Maybe you don’t know them yet, or the path to them isn’t clear, or you just don’t know how to engage them once you’ve found them.


We’ve got your back.


We’ll show you easy-to-use research tools and methods to identify the biggest and most likely donors to your organization.


But identifying potential major donors is only the first step.


Whether you’re a staff of one or have a flock of fundraisers, we’ll teach you a systematic approach to winning-over would-be major donors and turning them into loyal long-term champions of your organization.



Once You Get Them, How Do You Keep Them?


Too many nonprofits watch in dismay as generous donors fall by the wayside.


But donors themselves have told us why: they say the reason they stop giving is that they don’t feel appreciated and involved.


Stewardship isn’t rocket science: it’s just hard work.

We’ll teach you how to develop a stewardship plan that converts new donors into long-term loyal supporters.


We’ll help you figure out the best ways for you to thank, inspire and involve donors.

And we’ll show you how to earn their trust and build bonds that last a lifetime (and even beyond).


Case for Giving

Learn to improve your case for giving in our messaging workshop.


Campaign Management

We’ll show you how to use our systems and tracking tools to be more efficient.


Creating a Development Plan

Learn what it takes to create a comprehensive development plan.


Get your team on board to achieve a common goal


We help you plan your meeting, facilitate discussion and reach consensus.


Board & Staff Retreats

We organize retreats and facilitate discussions to build a stronger team.